Еlectrical safety

Еlectrical safety

The procedure for providing messages about the threat of electrical safety:

The procedure for consumers 'submission of appeals, complaints, claims and their consideration is determined by regulatory legal acts, a list of which is posted on this website, as well as the Laws of Ukraine "On citizens' appeals", "On access to public information" and other applicable legislation.

Additional information on electrical safety inquiries.

You can add a message about a threat to electrical safety:
- in the form of a written application at a personal reception at the address Kharkov, st. Chernyshevskaya, 85, letter "B-11;
-by contact number: (057) 757-78-77 or 096-457-8-457
-sending a letter to the email address (hidden) (indicating in the subject line "Threat to electrical safety")
- in the form of a written application to the mailing address: Ukraine, 61002, Kharkov, st. Chernyshevskaya, 85, letter "B-11";
-with a personal visit to the address: Ukraine, 61002, Kharkov, st. Chernyshevskaya, 85, letter "B-11"
- in electronic form by clicking on this link.

Requirements for registration:
- the full name of the consumer must be indicated in accordance with the constituent documents, the legal address, the address of the location of the power supply object;
- the essence of the issue is stated;
- must be signed by the applicant with the date.

A preliminary answer comes within 1 (one) business day from the date of receipt of the appeal if it contains the consumer's email address, phone number. An application for a threat to electrical safety is considered within the time limits established by current legislation, depending on the subject matter of the issues raised in them.

If events are detected:

Procedure: field managers must first of all assess the situation and determine the consequences of an accident or other events that pose a threat to electrical safety, organize, if necessary, first aid, take urgent measures to prevent such events.

If work is discovered on the dismantling of power lines by persons who are not employees of the Distribution System Operator, facts of theft or damage to electrical equipment, vandalism or other illegal actions, you must immediately contact the National Police by phone "102".

Organizations should monitor compliance with electrical safety requirements and labor protection instructions, control over the conduct of electrical safety briefings. Violation of electrical safety requirements entails liability in accordance with applicable law.

In the event of a fire in electrical appliances, immediately disconnect them from the power supply and call the fire department by phone "101".

Timely reporting of a threat to electrical safety allows you to quickly respond and quickly localize events that pose a threat to the electrical safety of people, animals, can lead to equipment malfunctions or accidents at work.

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